Sunday, October 4, 2015

Chronicle 58: The #RealLifeChallenge

This week The Hot Mama Chronicles is going to be hosting a challenge. We always see other people's "perfect" lives on Facebook - happy moments portrayed through perfectly timed pics and cheerful statuses. We all know that ain't right. No one's life is that perfect on the inside, and our tendency to compare ourselves to others just blows UP when we scroll through that ol' lyin' Newsfeed.

It's time to show what our REAL lives are like, so here's the challenge: Share pictures of what REALLY happens during your day. Huge piles of laundry, crying/fighting/slobbering children, bad hair days, dinner from McDonald's, anything you can think of. This picture just happens to be a real moment that I captured while trying to take an "Aww look at my adorable daughter, isn't she perfect?!" moment. No such thing as perfection, people! Share the GRIT!

Tag your pictures on Facebook with #reallifechallenge and I will feature your pictures either on my Facebook page or the blog! It's time to be REAL, y'all! And share, share, share the challenge. I'm sure other mamas could use an uplifting laugh! ;)

The Hot Mama

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