Monday, January 30, 2012

Chronicle 4: The Cooking Challenge

Anyone who knows me will be quick to tell you that I can’t cook worth a lick (Literally…one lick is all it takes). My cooking repertoire includes meatloaf, spaghetti, aaaand a few pasta dishes that I call “fancy” because the recipe calls for fresh herbs. Canned veggies, boxed potatoes, and microwavable sides are staples in our household. It is for this reason that I have challenged myself to cook outside the box (I swear, these puns…they just come to me!).

                                I did not cook this beautiful meatloaf. 

This will be an ongoing challenge with updates and lots of pictures. I plan to commission my husband and perhaps a few daring friends or family members (now taking volunteers!). Perhaps it’s time to invest in some flame retardant gear, or at the very least, a fire extinguisher. I have a history of setting things on fire. Like popcorn. That I may or may not have tried to cook for 30 minutes instead of 3. Ahem. Moving on.

                                                  Burnt Popcorn. verbranntes-popcorn-2

My issue with cooking stems from these three things:

1. I always buy fresh food, only to have it spoil as I choose to make the more appealing grocery snags such as frozen pizza and bean burritos.
2. I am confused by meal planning. Ok, that’s a lie. I am lazy about meal planning.
3. Doing the dishes sucks. And when you make fresh food you use tons of dishes. And then hubby and I argue for a week about whose turn it is to do them. By then we have grown a whole new type of food.

Now that I have all of you hot mamas backing me up, I just know I can do it! I have been pinning all sorts of fascinating recipes on Pinterest, and it is about time I suck it up and try them out. Is anyone else frightened by cooking? It has to be one of those irrational fears like being scared of Triscuits or the number 13. Cantacookatallaphobia (That’s the Italian version).

                                Fear of cooking: Mageirocophobia. 

Here’s the challenge: I will cook one healthy and fresh meal a week. Most of the items must be locally grown, sold, and fresh. I already try to make the items I buy organic, so this is a given. I will post photos and recipes along with meal anecdotes. Because there are sure to be anecdotes.

Here’s my challenge to you, hot mamas. Check out my Pinterest board “What’s for dinner?” and find a recipe you would like me to try. Post it in the comments, and if it fits my challenge criteria, I will try it out! It would be so lovely if you tried it out, too! That way we can compare our experiences.

Looking forward to flexing my flabby cooking muscles!

The Hot Mama

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Chronicle 36: Baby Fashion

Happy Friday, friends! Feast your eyes on the adorable (and sometimes impractical) dream wardrobe for my little man.

*Who doesn't need a pair of green Adidas? Once G starts walking, these will be our go-to pair of shoes!
*Every (little) man needs a good pair of jeans. These have just the right amount of distressing to make them fashionable AND low-maintenance. Win, win!
*I adore everything about this outfit. It is simple and classic with a mischievous, boyish twist. The button down, the cardigan... I die.
*The hat! Denim on denim! Old man sweater and cuffed still, my heart.
*Impractical layers? Yes. But the hoodie is doable over a light long sleeved shirt. Sweet!
*Bowtie, suspenders & plaid. Need I say more?
*The next few are perfect for Halloween this year! I just can't possibly decide which is cutest...
Could you just squeal with the cuteness overload?! Have a great weekend, mamas! See you on Monday.

The Hot Mama

Chronicle 3: The Hot Mama Outer Beauty Philosophy

Confession time, mamas. When my little man turned around 3 ½ months old, I began experiencing postpartum hair loss. I’m sure many of you have heard of or experienced the same thing, and can identify with the flood of emotions that accompany it. Oh, I’d heard of it and was prepared for it to happen, but does anything really prepare you to deal with pulling clumps of your own hair out in the shower?

Day after day, I tried and failed to style my ever thinning hair. Eventually, I began to resort to ponytails and “THE CLAW”, which I had previously vowed never to wear in public (along with banana clips, scrunchies, and butterfly clips). The final straw was a haircut that I later deemed devastating: 5 inches of my beautiful red hair, GONE. I felt shorn and bald and hideous.

Now, I don’t need a face full of makeup or a fresh from the salon blowout to feel beautiful, but I do take pride in my appearance. Whether we want to admit it or not, we live in a very visual society and there are daily opportunities that arise from taking care of ourselves. I thought that losing my hair meant I no longer had any reason to do so. My skincare regimen went downhill, quickly followed by my makeup routine, and then of course it was a matter of time before I busted out the sweats, pizza, and chocolate. What a slippery slope! And what a pity party I was throwing for myself.

It’s a bit embarrassing to admit how something that seems so trivial undid me so completely. Speaking with other hot mamas about their postpartum woes finally made me realize how fast our little ones grow and how quickly time flies. This hair loss is just a passing phase, and I will always have my son. While I am still parting (haha) with my hair, the amount lost has lessened, and I’ve got new growth. These tiny little baby hairs that are growing just as fast as my son. Hope!

I’m back on track, and feeling better than ever. You know, it cracks me up when I watch What Not to Wear. Some of the participants have this wild notion that dressing well and taking care of themselves is this time consuming process that takes away from their personality and/or intelligence. This could not be further from the truth! There’s nothing more attractive than a person who has the full package: confidence, intelligence, and an outer beauty that reflects your inner beauty.

So, what makes YOU feel beautiful on a day-to-day basis? 
The Hot Mama

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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Chronicle 2: Baby Steps

I don’t know about you, but my pregnancy was rough. I felt sick, lonely, and more like the hunchback of Notre Dame than the glowing pregnant princess I thought I should be. I ached, I puked, I ate, and I peed… a lot. None of which is glamorous or enjoyable, only lackluster.

Once my beautiful son arrived, my days consisted of taking care of HIS needs, and his needs alone. Everything I wore had to be loose, and even after I ditched the baby weight, clothes still had to be accessible so I could feed my son (who already eats like a teenage boy). Once THAT was accomplished, the outfit donned would then be covered by spit up, pee, poo, slobber…perhaps a stray booger here and there…mamas, do ya feel me?!

I never, in a million years, thought it would be so EASY to let myself go. No one told me how EASY it is to throw in the burp cloth and sic my style savvy on my child. Little by little my self-esteem began to dwindle and, even when I had time, I stopped trying to take care of myself. I think this is fairly common with first time mamas. Truth be told, that’s a great thing. AT FIRST. Mamas need that time to adjust to the new babe, their new life, and the new relationship with their partners, family, and friends. HOWEVER, this should NOT become a forever phase.

There are times when you should absolutely pay more attention to the situation at hand than yourself. For example:

1. The first three months after baby
2. When you are the caretaker of a sick person or loved one
3. When you are the Dalai Lama, Mother Teresa, orrrr maybe a nun

No offense to nuns. I don’t personally know any… but God loves you no matter what.

I digress.

What did I do? I got sick of my husband coming home to me in pajamas. I got sick of looking at myself in pajamas. And mostly, I don’t have a lot of pajamas so I had to do more laundry. That’s kind of a secret. Has anyone seen that movie “What About Bob?” with Bill Murray? Classic! This therapist works with a particularly crazy patient and his recommendation is to take baby steps. It’s a recurring theme in the movie, and now my LIFE. Pretty fitting, huh? Baby steps?! HA.

Here are some baby steps YOU can take:

1. Drink more water. Don’t worry if it is not the 800 ounces you are supposed to drink. Step it up by one or two more glasses than you normally drink. Your skin won’t look as tired as you may feel.

2. Put on jeans instead of jammies. Takes the same amount of time to slip on AND you can wear them more times. (NOTE: No mom jeans, hot mamas! This means dark jeans with a medium rise. If you need to, ask a salesperson which fit would look best for your body type.) Take an extra baby step and don flats instead of slippers.

3. MASCARA. Even if you’re dead tired and it looks like you have black eyes, mascara will liven your eyes. An alternative: a few hits of the eyelash curler will do you wonders.

4. Invest in dry shampoo and cute headbands. Dry shampoo adds volume and takes away any greasiness you may have from not being able to shower. You can use baby powder sparingly, but be warned: Too much and it looks like you’re going gray, or you have MAJOR dandruff! Headbands spruce up ponytails and messy buns, too. 

5. Tidy ONE room in your house. My son and I spend most of our day in the living room, so I make that room my priority. It’s for my sanity, really. And for visitors. They have no clue the rest of the house is in shambles. Unless I do that hostess apology thing where I say, “The rest of the house is in shambles!”

6. Do what you need to do… in moderation. When you’re pregnant, well meaning people tell you to sleep when the baby sleeps. HA! If you’re like me and cannot fall asleep instantly, it is fine to catch up on some chores. But pick ONE. Don’t try to cook, clean, pay bills, do laundry AND catch up on the latest bestseller while your kiddo is napping. Just. Pick. ONE. And if I were you, I’d pick reading.

These are the basics and will get us mamas back to a higher level of hotness. Are there any baby steps that you take on a daily basis? Please share with your fellow hot mamas, and come back soon!

The Hot Mama

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Friday, January 27, 2012

Chronicle 1: The who, what, when, where & hot!

Why helllooo, ladies! I am a first time mama with an adorable son and a serious bone to pick with my fellow mamas. Honey, just because you created a miracle with your body does not mean you now have to neglect it! My son and my husband are super high on my priority list (of course). However...part of keeping myself happy is making sure I feel happy.

My hope for this blog is that I will reach at least ONE mama, and help her learn to love herself and convince her to spend more time on her inner and outer beauty. I find that even something as simple as putting on jeans & a tee rather than jammies and sweatshirt boost my self-love! 

I will be posting at least once a week, and will cover any and all topics. So please, join me as I share my mama secrets, and PLEASE share your own (we hot mamas have to stick together!). 

The Hot Mama

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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Chronicle 45: Dramamine

My brother and I have a shared passion for music. I used to sing it & he plays it so well on his fiddle. When we were younger, we would take turns finding and paying for concert tickets, and in this way we came to adore Modest Mouse. Something about their music just grabs us, and while it may not be the most technically correct or interesting or even GOOD, we have a shared history, and that's what makes us love it. Dramamine is my all time favorite song of theirs. Bonus? Trippy music video that is all at once extremely weird and oddly captivating. Far out.

The Hot Mama


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