Monday, January 30, 2012

Chronicle 36: Baby Fashion

Happy Friday, friends! Feast your eyes on the adorable (and sometimes impractical) dream wardrobe for my little man.

*Who doesn't need a pair of green Adidas? Once G starts walking, these will be our go-to pair of shoes!
*Every (little) man needs a good pair of jeans. These have just the right amount of distressing to make them fashionable AND low-maintenance. Win, win!
*I adore everything about this outfit. It is simple and classic with a mischievous, boyish twist. The button down, the cardigan... I die.
*The hat! Denim on denim! Old man sweater and cuffed still, my heart.
*Impractical layers? Yes. But the hoodie is doable over a light long sleeved shirt. Sweet!
*Bowtie, suspenders & plaid. Need I say more?
*The next few are perfect for Halloween this year! I just can't possibly decide which is cutest...
Could you just squeal with the cuteness overload?! Have a great weekend, mamas! See you on Monday.

The Hot Mama

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