Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Chronicle 62: The Primaries

March 15, 2016

To My Children, 

Today was Ohio's primary election. I took you to the polls with me because I want to normalize the experience of this process. Not just voting, but educating yourself about the world around you. I tried my best to explain what it was all about, but I found it difficult to answer the questions you posed. "Why did you push that button instead of that one, Mommy?" I stumbled a bit before answering, "I am choosing the button that I believe will help everyone the most." 

There are many men and women who want to help run this country. This is a very big job, and you have to be qualified in all aspects. "What does a President have to do? Are they nice?" you asked. Boy, I love your curiosity. Please never stop asking questions. "A President's job is complicated. They are supposed to look out for us and take care of us," I finally answered. This is the truth, simplified, but you will have many years to figure that out. 

This year, there are several men and one woman who want to have this job. The front runners are fast becoming Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders. Let me tell you something, children, there are two types of people in this world.

There are people who support cruel words and actions. People that use fear and ignorance to create chaos, who say whatever it is they think you want to hear, who promise that everyone thinks like you and have just been afraid to say it.  There are people that feel that because you are a woman, you are less than. Because you have special needs, you are less than. Because you are a different color or have compassion for others, you are less than. This type of person and their beliefs do not take away from you and what you have to give. Words are hurtful, yes. Actions are hurtful. YOU are not. 

Your kindness, intelligence, and inner beauty will take you far. Your father and I have tried to raise you the way we were raised. We were taught to work hard, respect others, to educate ourselves before making a decision, to ALWAYS finish what you start, and to do good for others. 

The ugliness around you should never stop you from trying to do good for others. Human nature has and will always have dark and light elements to it - the trick is making sure that you always see the light, in any situation. That is the second type of person. 

I can only hope that this is the type of person who will be taking care of us, who will be taking care of you.



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