Thursday, May 31, 2012

Chronicle 41: Decisions, Decisions

My hair is still falling out. I am doing all the right things: washing my hair every couple of days, using my special shampoo for women with thinning hair, pumping up the volume with thickening hairspray and mousse and getting light headed by blow drying my hair upside down. I'm even taking prenatal vitamins, still. Yet, my hair... it's not the same. It's growing back - there are uncontrollable, stubborn wisps adorning my forehead. The new hair is growing in straight and the bottom? Still curly and wavy and THIN.

I want my hair back. Weight loss and/or gain, humongous boobs, changes in skin, etc. can pretty much be controlled. But hair? Well, that's up to the hormones. I am afraid, no, make that petrified, that it will never come back. My son's pediatrician told me that it may keep falling out as long as I continue to breastfeed. So for now? Trying not to cry over spilt milk.
There is so much going on in my life that I have absolutely no control over, and it's proving hard to deal with. My husband is gone five days a week, and by the end of it will have been away from us for 6 months. Several people close to me are ill.  Sick in a way that may or not be cured. In a way where the only thing to say is, "We're praying. As hard as we can." Life seems cruel and bleak, and very unforgiving at the moment.

That just means that it is the time to put my energy into things that make me happy; things I can work on and better and be thankful for when I start feeling sorry for myself. Which brings me to the title of my post. "Decisions?" you ask (twice). "Can I help?!" OF COURSE!

When I first started having post partum hair loss, I had my stylist cut several inches off. That adorable cut has grown to my shoulders and is no longer... adorable. Because my hair is thin and is providing me with a few different textures, I am not going to grow it out just yet. Here are some of the haircuts I've been checking out:
1. Scarlett
I like the length of this cut, as well as the layers and the side part. Going too short would be disastrous on my round/square shaped face, so keeping it chin length or a tad longer is best!
2. Charlize
The length of this cut is very similar to Scarlett's. The difference lies in the hint of a side swept bang...which would be a leap for me, because I've avoided bangs for awhile. Will bangs only emphasize my hair loss? I'm not sure. This cut also seems to have fewer layers, and is much softer than the first option.
3. Reese
Love the long side swept bang, the short cut that's just shy of a bob if it weren't all choppy and sassy! This option compliments her fine hair and adds some volume by shorter layers at the top and middle, and leaving the bottom part one length, with blunt edges. This is a strong contender!
4. Brittany
I love this because it's fun and sexy. One piece in the front is a bit longer, which adds visual interest without being too quirky or odd. The side swept bangs and short, face framing layers do not add bulk to her face shape (a common problem with short cuts on round/square face shapes) . What do you think?

Last but not least... here's ME! That way you can kind of visualize what each may look like before helping me decide! My appointment is set for next week, so cast your votes as soon as possible!
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  1. I vote Scarlett!!

    1. Thanks for the vote, Annie!! xoxo

  2. Anonymous5/31/2012

    I'm not sure if it would be of much help....but my friend has a breast feeding facebook page she created for "our area"....but because we are in a military community, people in the group tend to move away or be in different areas than we are. The ladies there are extremely helpful and have some amazing tips and tricks for almost any issue that goes along with breast feeding. I can add you to the group if you're interested.

    -Tara Cisco(i dont have a profile on the ones i can select)

    1. That would be awesome, Tara, thank you!

  3. Kendall5/31/2012

    I just had mine trimmed up and it's the length of all of those cuts - it's fun and I think would look super cute on you. So sorry about your hair loss, I know it can't be fun for you - especially when all your life you have always been complimented on how beautiful your hair is. One thing to keep in mind (as my stylist told me when I opted to get short) all of the celebrities (even when Victoria Beckham rocked the bob) have extensions in, they have been cut short to match the length, but they add volume. So, unless you have a volumizer or really thick hair it won't turn out the way they have it. I was glad to know this going in, because I thought my hair would feel thicker and somehow have more volume once I got it shorter, and it didn't so much. One thing to try - GoBig Mousse by Matrix - that stuff will make you look like Dolly Parton and it holds in a nice, bouncy way. Also I've started using this anti breakage serum that helps the hair you do have from breaking off - and so far it's been AWESOME!!! It's called Matrix Total Results Break Fix Elixir. My last bit of advice - which I'm sure you are already trying this, Biotin supplements. :)

    I really hope you get your hair back in the condition you remember it. Sometimes it just gets to the point where you debate just getting a wig. Hang in there, you aren't nursing as much so maybe that will help??? Also, you could look into some extensions and ask your stylist to cut them into your hair, so when you go you you have some that can help beef up your hair underneath so styling isn't so flat. :) Love you! You're beautiful no matter what. And so sorry that Matt is gone, I know that can't be easy.

    1. Thanks, sis - you definitely understand where I'm coming from! I figured they had extensions, and I think that's why I'm so drawn to the last two...they seem truest to real life :) I need to try those products as soon as I use a bit more of the ones I just bought. Xoxo

  4. The Reese or the Brittney would look great on you! Both have that longer swoopy bang that is super cute. Good luck! -Lindsey

    1. I'm torn between those two at the moment! Thanks for your input, Linsdey! :)

  5. I vote Brittney :)
    Is your hair naturally curly? If it's naturally straight, I vote Reese.

    1. It was curly, now it's a bit wavy and straighter towards the top! Thanks for voting, Amy! Xoxo


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