Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Chronicle 42: BB Cream Review!

I think it's been quite some time since my Sephora haul and girls, do I have some REVIEWS to write. The one thing I was the most excited about was the BB Cream by Clinique. It promised me the world: sunblock, primer, moisturizer AND moderate coverage all in one.
I was convinced it would become a staple in my makeup bag.

Here's the problem: I have fairly sensitive skin and all of those products combined just wreaked havoc with it. It looks absolutely beautiful and flawless whether it's applied with fingers, brush or sponge. It even passed the natural light test with flying colors (aka it looked fresh and natural in broad daylight). However, it made me break out after 8 hours of wear. And I don't break out. Like... ever. 

My chin became a minefield. After only 8 hours! This is why I sadly decided to return to Sephora. Some day. See the thing is, I love it so much that I'm willing to wear it for short periods of time and then wash it off immediately. Crazy? Absolutely. The things we do for love, ladies, I swear.
Photo courtesy of ehowtogetridofpimples.net
I have been experimenting with my morning skin care routine in order to make this relationship work. I feel as if under certain circumstances, BB and I could be friends. We may never reach our full potential, but it's not fair to just cut BB out of my life forever...

Here's what I've tried: washing my face with cleanser & Clarisonic Mia, toning with Clarins Toning Lotion, using my Caudelie Vinoperfect Day Perfecting Fluid THEN BB cream. I thought the layer of Vinoperfect would protect my skin from the BB. Not so much. That is just adding one. more. thing.

So I tried it without and still, no dice. I had been using moisturizer, too even though the BB has it. I started skipping that step, too and the results were the same. Pimply chin!!
 I finally decided to put the BB everywhere but my chin and used a cover up for any redness. Voila! The perfect solution. AND I get to keep my BB. 

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  1. KPhizzle6/06/2012

    Breakouts are the WORST!!! I recently had an out break all over my forehead - completely out of the blue. I never really get breakouts, except for like a week before my lovely period - but even then, it's no so bad. But it's been a battle trying to clear it. I've done my usual routine which always seemed to work (nutrogena microdermabrasion tool every 3rd day, and then nutrogena oil free acne clenser the other days, followed w/ Dr. Haushka toner and followed with Aveno moisture) and they still persist. What do you do when you get stubborn breakouts?? Any lovely cures you'd like to share??? :) Lucky for you you figured out the perfect way to keep your BB!

    1. My period is usually the culprit too, expect mine just returned! So I had to pin it on the BB. Sigh! For breakouts, my number one rule is absolutely DO NOT PICK or pop it. It is so tempting, I know, and I've given in, of course. But it actually goes away so much faster, with minimal redness. I usually try to exfoliate a bit extra around the affected area and then use a toner with salycilic acid (Cleaasil puts out great products for this). Do not forget to moisturize, though. I know it seems counterproductive, but the toner may dry you out a bit and then you could end up with worse skin than before! If it's a really bad one, I put some sort of "emergency spot remover" type product on it. I haven't really found a product that is a miracle worker, since I don't have need for it often. The hubs and I use Neutrogena Spot Treatment overnight, and it seems to help. Xoxo

  2. I got both the Smashbox BB cream, and the Garnier one to compare them (since the Garnier one is so much cheaper). I love the smashbox one, and even mix it with my regular foundation to get my daily SPF in. It's a great product! Glad you found a way to wear it that works for you! :)

    1. I was tempted to try the Garnier, too, but I figured if Clinique wasn't cutting it, then Garnier certainly wouldn't. Clinique even tests their products on sensitive skin, but I must be some sort of anomaly! Haha. I will have to try Smashbox when this BB finally hits the road, taking my pimples with it! Xoxo


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