Thursday, May 10, 2012

Chronicle 31: Technology DOs for the Modern Family

This is what I love and hate about Facebook: you are privy to anything and everything. I think we can all agree that there are just some things that are better left unsaid or unseen. Cute picture of baby hitting an important milestone? Ok. Fifty pictures of baby hitting that milestone? Please print those out and put 'um in an album, folks. And, please reconsider posting if that milestone happens to be throwing...their own poop. Nothing dies on the Internet. NOTHING. Let's save our children the embarrassment of walking into a job interview 20 years from now only to be faced with these pictures and a big fat "We're not interested."

There were two particularly interesting articles I read this week. One was about parents over sharing on social media sites, and the other was about putting down the technology we use on a daily basis in order to reconnect with our children and spouse. I am guilty of both over sharing and overuse of technology on a daily basis. In this day and age it is simply how we communicate. Rather than burden myself with a whole slew of what not to do, how about a simple list of what TO DO? 

Here are the guidelines I set for myself:

1. Use the Internet to connect with other mamas so I don't feel isolated. When you stay at home with your baby all day, it is nice to talk with someone who understands and can give you advice. This is a great use of nap time! I also use that time to talk or text with friends and family. Unless it is an emergency, those things can wait. This will definitely be different for mamas whose baby no longer naps...

2. Research: vaccinations, illnesses, baby clothes & toys, etc. Also during naptime or after little man has FINALLY gone to sleep. (Just don't let yourself get convinced that your baby either has a simple rash or OMG CANCER!!)

3. When it comes to the iPad, I use Pandora during mealtimes. They have some great stations for kids like Raffi (think Baby Beluga!) and Sesame Street. We chow down and rock out at the same time!

4. I have also found some entertaining and educational apps that G absolutely loves. Sound Shaker by Tickle Tap Apps, Dr. Seuss animated books, AlphaBaby Free, and ABC by Wee Sing, to name a few. These, of course, are just in addition to actual games that I get down on the floor and play with G. 

5. I limit TV use to nap times and after bedtime, as well. This way I can catch up on "my stories" uninterrupted. For the most part ;)

6. When it comes to sharing pictures and stories of my boy, I will e-mail, post on my personal blog, post on here, or print pictures before I post on Facebook. That being said, there are some things I just really want to share! There is also a handy way to hide people from your Newsfeed, which works wonders if you get baby overload. 

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There you have it. A short list of things that I can do that will works for me while keeping other people in mind. What are some guidelines you use/will use when it comes to technology and your kiddos?

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