Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Chronicle 39: Holiday Happiness

Hello, my beautiful friends! I hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend filled to the brim with family, food, fun, and hopefully a bit of shade.

The Indianapolis 500 was on Sunday and all of Indy was ablaze...literally! It was a record setting hot, and trust when I say I've been to some extremely warm races. I've been going to the race with my family since I was a child and this year was the second year in a row that I haven't gone. Last year I had little G in mah belly, but this year it was just too dang HOT! Maybe I'm getting older AND wiser! (Dare to dream...)
Ladies & gentleman, start your engines!
We spent the entire day by the pool with delicious pulled pork sammies dripping with barbecue, chilly strawberry daquiris and coconutty pina coladas, and friends we consider second family. Little man was obsessed with the pool; he was giggling and splashing the entire time. I could not stop swooning over his chubby little pigs kicking in the water and the windmill motions he made with his arms as we held him close. I am so relieved that he loves the water.
Baby G splashing Daddy
I believe I have discovered my new favorite thing: a bag of deliciousness filled to the brim with an icy alcohol concoction. Not only is it super easy and handy, it is verrrrry classy. Yeah.
We did brave the extreme heat on Saturday in order to attend the Indy 500 Parade. My mama volunteered to watch sugarpants while the hubs and I sat front row to see my beautiful cousin adorn a float as an Indy 500 Princess! Even though I've been going to the race for close to 20 years, I've never been to the parade and it was the perfect time to experience it. 

While it was a wonderful holiday, I had to take a moment to reflect on all those that have served or are serving our country. We appreciate everything you do to protect our country and our families. Thank you!

The Hot Mama

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