Monday, May 21, 2012

Chronicle 36: Snapshots

This weekend was JAM PACKED. We had something special going on every single second, and while I had an absolute blast... I could drop from exhaustion. 

My baby boy is on the same page. He was baptized yesterday, and was so super cranky that he cried throughout the entire ceremony. Which means we barely registered what was being said, and instead of crying tears of joy, they were more like tears of frustration. I'm sure we'll look back and laugh at the situation, but at this point? I would much rather nap!

Best friends celebrating a birthday
Godfather & Godson//with rootbeer
A lovely marbled cake
At a wedding with my love
How was your weekend, friends? What fun & exciting things did you do?

The Hot Mama

Sneak peek for this week on The Hot Mama: Mellow music for a Tuesday morning, Traveling with Baby for Say What?! Wednesday, beauty, fashion & more! 

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