Thursday, April 5, 2012

Chronicle 22: Teething, in Pictures

Not sure what's goin' on, but my mouth hurts and I need to fix it. Mom? Got something for me to chew on?
Can't find the teething ring! But, this thing says "OUCH!" when I bite it...
Found it! Gnaw, gnaw, slobber, gnaw, full body chew, shlobber, bite, bite, BITE!

Soooo sleepy. But I'm gonna stay awake til I feel better. Even if it takes MONTHS! At least Mom will keep me company...
Look at these! I'm so proud...but I have no clue what they are, or how to use 'um!

Oh, I get it! They're for showin' off. Hey, look, Ma. Ma? How can you sleep at a time like this?!

Ya dig, mamas? How did you get through your baby's teething? Baby G has seven teeth already (five of them came in at once)! 

The Hot (and exhausted) Mama

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