Monday, April 9, 2012

Chronicle 23: New Traditions

This Easter was a first for our new little family. Baby G was actually old(ish) enough to participate in the holiday... alert enough to listen as we explained each item in his Easter basket, handsy enough to show us what he liked, and vocal enough to show his pleasure at Mommy & Daddy acting silly by donning bunny ears. It was absolutely amazing.
It was also...weird. Yeah. Weird.

When my parents decided to part ways after 27 years of marriage, I thought our traditions were lost forever. I mourned. Hard. Christmas was probably the most difficult time of the year, and I shed a lot of tears, yearning for what once had been. Years later, when I finally came to terms with it all, I began to see that bits and pieces of our old traditions were still intact. The cracks had just been filled in with new traditions and new people.

But what felt different was my husband and I purposefully veering from that (somewhat) steadfast course to blaze a trail of our own. We put together an extremely adorable and age appropriate Easter Basket for G (no candy, not even for ourselves. Sacrifice.) and propped him up in the high chair as we excitedly pulled out each item for him. Little Man was totally unimpressed, but I snapped a few hundred pictures, anyway.

I want to remember these moments for years to come. I am painfully aware how fast time moves and it's all I can do to pick up the camera...QUICK! before another moment passes us by. Our baby, who weighed in at a mere 6 lbs. 6 oz. at birth, is now a little BOY, with a beautiful personality of his own, the most wonderful sense of humor, and smile that cuts right to the heart. 

It's all so clear now, that this is my purpose, what I'm here for. Soaking up every moment, every little tiny scrap of love and giving it right back the only way I know how. This tradition isn't new, but it is new to our little family. And it's one we will keep up, religiously.
Happy Easter, mamas. 

The Hot Mama

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